SRRI People

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Faculty & principal investigators

Konold, Cliff Director of SRRI & Research Associate Professor
Clement, John Professor of Education, Emeritus CLSG
Leonard, William J. Lecturer, Electrical & Computer Engineering PERG

Postdoctoral and professional staff

Boron, Kathy Clerical assistant Admin
Price, Norman Post doctoral researcher CLSG
Stephens, A. Lynn Post doctoral researcher CLSG
Szczepanski, Philip Business manager Admin

Graduate students

Kreetong, Kosoom (Jang) Ed.D student (Mathematics, Science and Learning Technologies), Webmaster SERG

Undergraduate students

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Associated members

Madden, Sandra Assistant Professor of Education SERG
Nunez, Maria Professor of Education, U. of Concepcion, Chile CLSG
Phillis, Randall Associate Professor, Biology
Pollatsek, Alexander Professor of Psychology SERG
Williams, E. Grant Associate Professor, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB CLSG

Alumni and former members

Beatty, Ian D. Research Assistant Professor of Physics PERG
Chiu, Stanford Undergraduate Assistant CLSG
Corrada-Emmanuel, Andres Research Staff, Computer Science
Dufresne, Robert J. Research Associate Professor of Physics PERG
Dylan Pyle Game Programmer SERG
Ekaterina (Katya) Ites Graduate Student, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures PERG
Feldman, Allan Professor, Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies, School of Education PERG
Fredericks, Colin Ph.D. Recipient, Physics PERG
Gambino, John Ed.D student, Mathematics, Science and Learning Technologies SERG
Gerace, William J. Emeritus Professor of Physics & Past Director of SRRI PERG
Howe, Glenn M.Ed. Student, Secondary Teacher Education Program PERG
Kazak, Sibel Postdoctoral Research Associate SERG
Kumiega, Christine Business Manager Admin
Lee, Hyunju Ed.D student, Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies PERG
Leibovitch, Abigail Ph.D, School Psychology CLSG
Lochhead, Jack Former Director and founder, SRRI Admin
Lomakina, Yvegeniya Undergraduate Assistant CLSG
Marlon Adams Undergraduate assistant CLSG
Mestre, Jose P. Professor of Physics PERG
Mike Salyh Game Programmer SERG
Miller, Craig D. Software Project Manager SERG
Ortiz, Edgardo Ph.D. Student, Physics PERG
Rea-Ramirez, Mary Ann Ed.D. Recipient, Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies CLSG
Russ Phelan Game Programmer SERG
Ryan McCann Game Programmer SERG
Shortell, Laurel Senior Software Engineer SERG
St. Cyr, Karen Ed.D. Recipient, Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies PERG
Steinberg, Melvin Professor Emeritus, Physics, Smith College SERG
Tristan Warneke Game Programmer SERG
von Glasersfeld, Ernst Adjunct Research Professor; Professor Emeritus, University of Georgia
Well, Arnold Professor, Psychology SERG
Woodward, Michelle Undergraduate Assistant CLSG
Young, Raymond Ed.D. Student, Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies CLSG